Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Sugar Free Vegan Banana Pancakes

These are my go-to post run meal and I am honestly so obsessed with them it can't be healthy, except it totally is because they have no rubbish in them! Like the rest of my recipes, feel free to mix up the recipe and figure out how it works best for you because everyone has slightly different tastes, and share below so that I get your feedback!
These are so filling and healthy, I usually eat too many but after a long morning run there's no better feeling than devouring these with a big mug of strong coffee! I top them with yoghurt and berries to rebuild the micro fractures in my legs after the run (this is actually just an excuse to eat more yoghurt than usual) and deliver a hit of antioxidants to refresh you after that workout!

I get heart palpitations just looking at them...

Ingredients: (serves 2)

2 bananas
50g plain porridge oats
50g plain wholemeal flour (I use gluten free BFree flour found in most supermarkets)
A splash of soya milk or any other dairy free alternative (I'm allergic to nuts so can't tell you if it makes any difference using almond milk)
2 tsp cinnamon powder
Spray oil, normal cooking oil such as coconut or olive oil


Mash the two bananas in a large bowl using a fork until quite smooth but it doesn't matter if there are some lumps left, this just makes it a tasty surprise when you eat them. Next, add the flour and oats, stirring until you have an even consistency. This is where you use your judgement of how much soya milk is needed, and this depends largely on personal preference. I enjoy quite stodgy food so I never add too much milk because that would thin the batter out, whereas the less you pour in the thicker the pancakes will be! So experiment and guesstimate how much you need, either way they are going to be scrumptious :)
The finishing touch is to add the cinnamon and stir for that extra bit of flavour. Cinnamon also acts as an appetite suppressant which is helpful after a hard workout because I'm always starving afterwards but should never eat too much because then I just end up stuffing my face. Coffee works in the same way.
Now heat a frying pan up with a generous amount of oil and add a dollop of the mixture, pressing it out slightly into the desired thickness then just chef as you would any other pancake until golden in colour! Use up all the batter and save any you don't eat in the fridge for tomorrow's snack because they taste just as good cold xx

Add some plain non-dairy yoghurt and fruit on top to finish off then enjoy! I usually add some cheeky dark chocolate on top too because it goes really well (what doesn't go with chocolate?!?) and contains antioxidants, clearing my skin and boosting energy levels ready for my next run or yoga session

Hope you enjoy as much as I do, thanks for reading xx

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