Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The 78 Vegan Restaurant, Glasgow Review

Hi Guys,

Apologies for the lack of recent posts, I've just started back at uni and had my dad visiting so I've been too busy to post, as I was busy veganising him! This is a wee review of the oldest vegan restaurant in Glasgow, The 78 where I took him on his last night because I'd never been but heard good things.

Located just a short walk from the university this place has a cosy fire with sofas, a bar with stools to sit at if it's crowded or you only fancy a drink, friendly staff and most of all is COMPLETELY VEGAN!!!!

You immediately sense the trendy, West-End retro vibe as you enter the room, with quiet indie music playing from the corner (they also have live performances), painting hanging on the walls and a mainly wooden decor with random collectables from around the globe to have a nosy around.

I am severely allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts so I've always struggled eating out (I basically just didn't after one too many trips to the hospital), so for me this was like finding the Promised Land. I can't believe it took me an entire semester to go! I told the waiter as I entered that I have a nut allergy, so he was fully informative what I would be able to eat and recommended certain dishes to me.

They have a specials board up everyday and a main menu consisting of a variety of dishes such as soups, burgers, curries, breads and sides. I was so excited I practically buzzed off my seat (I think they thought I was a bit weird).

I ended up going for the 'classic 78 burger' with side salad and garlic bread, and my dad went for the curry with rice. I cannot describe the heaven I was in for this meal. As in I honestly can't review it for you in words. I don't know whether I've just always had bland, simple foods because I was worried about trying anything interesting with my allergies but you've simply got to go and try this place for yourself. My dad is not easily impressed, and tends to role his eyes whenever I get hyped and try to push veganism on him but even he had to admit that this was quality, reasonably priced food, and with STUDENT DISCOUNT!

For pudding I tried the fig sticky toffee pudding with ice-cream and was totally stuffed by the end and not ready to ever leave. For the price and quality of this meal I can't recommend it enough, so I'll provide the address below and insist that you head over there to experience the luxury :) Hit me up with a message if you're scared to go by yourself, any excuse for another visit!!

The 78
10-14 Kelvinhaugh Street
Glasgow G3 8NU

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