Saturday, 21 July 2018

Tesco Wicked Review

I'm sure any British vegan has by now heard of or tried out the 'Wicked' range stocked in most Tesco stores by now, as although still a relatively new introduction to the supermarket, it made quite a stir on social media and amongst foodie groups when first brought out. Created by vegan chef Derek Sarno in collaboration with Tesco, their meals aim to provide '80% health, 20% wicked' as is the philosophy of Derek and his brother's company Wicked Health which can be found online here:

Throughout my life I have been used to extremely boring/bland food and meals as I've had to be very careful, having serious allergies to dairy, eggs and nuts, having had a lunch of rice and sausages every day for 4 years at a school I attended due to the fact it was the only thing they could provide which was safe. So the vegan movement has been an enormous help to me in recent years in providing more allergen free products and ideas to try at home. And although a little pricey, Derek's Wicked range deserves praise of the highest order as they truly deliver a hit of health and protein, all plant based, but with the right balance of natural taste and zing to make you feel you've had a meal out and aren't eating 'special food' as some of my friends like to call it.

Wicked Kitchen smoking' pasta and amaze balls (YUM)

Although there are strong competitors nowadays, I think I'd have to say these meals are the best on the market. It helps that Derek himself seems a really decent guy!

Love Helen x

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