Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Bioglan 'Go Green' Review

I bought this after seeing proudly displayed in Holland and Barrett each time I went in, so I decided to investigate
some reviews on Amazon before I shelled out £8, because when you're earning minimum wage and saving up for uni this is no small decision!

It comes in a pack of 7 easy-tear sachets which you can open and stir in to practically any drink, although I personally found I preferred it best in plain old water. If you find that too boring and want to treat yourself then it also tasted fab in a large glass of coconut milk.



I took one every other day for two weeks with lunch and was so thrilled with the results (sorry,cheesy but true) that I later went and checked if Bioglan offered any opportunities for internships. FYI they don't, that I could find anyway. My skin was glowing and spotless, energy levels had been significantly boosted and I felt more rested than ever on the same amount of sleep. I'm not saying this is a miracle cure for all lifes' problems but it's as close as I've ever gotten and is a great product which delivers quality nutrition in form that I can definitely get on board with!

After having been so thrilled with 'Go Green' I decided to give the rest of their range a go, and I have to say, although most are still extremely good quality products which do deliver results, none quite matched the tastiness of the original, but this is of course down to personal taste. Berry Burst sachets came in very close second but contain more sugar and provide antioxidants instead of minerals to the body which is personally less important to me as I eat a lot of fruit already but struggle sometimes with the vegetable intake. Their powder packets are perfect for your morning porridge/smoothie bowl while the sachets are ideal for sipping alongside a meal, or even by themselves.

Look at my skin!! Clear and soft as a baby's buttocks :)

I'd say overall these were well-worth the £8 I dished out for them and I'll be sure to stock up when I'm no longer a poor, begging student in need of her next loan payment!

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