Saturday, 8 December 2018

Vegan Bean and Squash Stew (easy)

**WARNING** I am about to self-righteously toot my own horn. Without shame. Maybe a little embarrassment

It's gotten to that point in the year where I'm in need of warming, hearty, beany meals. Living in Glasgow certainly has it's many benefits and this is where my heart belongs but I'm just rains a lot. And my circulation is very bad. So I present to you the laziest stew for the non-chefs (and proud) amongst you.

This stew was a complete experiment, and so easy to make. I love just creating recipes from what I feel like at the time or what's available in the shops while I'm there. I'd had a butternut squash sitting in my cupboard for about 3 weeks, so finally managed to just chop it up (way harder than I thought) and throw it in something hearty that I can store in a container in the fridge. It also made so many portions, so is a cheap meal to prepare for the week that will serve me 3 times, without having to worry what I've got in the fridge when I get home.

Without further a-do...


1 whole red/white onion (down to preference)
1 tub of moroccan inspired/lentil soup of your choice
150g diced butternut squash
1/2-1 can borlotti/red kidney beans
2 handfuls of raw kale


  • Start by dicing your onion into a size of your choice (I prefer it slightly chunkier than most). Then pour your soup into a large pan and add the onion, turning on the hob to get the onion softening while you prepare the rest.
  • Now add the beans of your choice to give these a chance to cook
  • Dice your butternut squash if not already prepared into chunks or approximately 2cm x 2cm and throw this in, making sure to stir a little so that it doesn't just sit on top of the soup, but begins to cook
  • Continue to stir for approximately 5 minutes, then add your kale for the last 5 minutes of cooking time. Feel free to keep this on a little longer if you're not too keen on crunchy kale. But keep in mind you get the most nutrients from it this way!
  • You're done! Now come on that was easy

I'll admit this meal feels incredible lazy because all you really have to do is add some veggies to store-bought soup. But I don't regret a thing, it's scrumptious and easy, which is the beauty of it!
As always, let me know your thought, be it about the stew or your wee random day dreams <3

Lots of love, Helen xox

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