Saturday, 8 December 2018

Wowbutter Review

Wowbutter is a nut-free, vegan, allergen free (apart from soya) replacement for peanut butter. And it's GLORIOUS. Like I really must apologise for not sharing this sooner, it never even crossed my mind even though I eat it pretty much all the time. Imported from Canada where it's manufactured, I don't think many folk are aware of it still, although it's a few years that I've been enjoying it now. You can buy either crunchy or smooth just like real peanut butter
(I prefer the crunchy), and the company has quite recently developed flapjack bars and other snacks to accompany the main product, which can be found in some Waitrose and whole food shops.

My mum actually discovered this treasure. I remember complaining about not being able to try peanut butter and how sucky it was that I'd probably never grow out of my allergies (which I've since embraced, fear not) because my friends kept telling me how yummy it was. Next thing I know I come home from school with an amazon parcel awaiting and I find out my friends certainly had not been lying.

As for whether it tastes like the real deal I couldn't comment, but I've been told by friends and family that it does. I can vouch for the fact that it is very much delicious. Just be careful you don't go and get addicted then eat half a jar in one sitting...I definitely never did that. Then have to take a wee break from it because you're getting fat, even on running 30 miles a week. Never happened.

I've only ever bought the butter through Amazon online, but I understand that a select few Holland and Barrett stores now stock it and maybe a few independents. My friend Owen bought me a package of 3 tubs for my birthday and I'm not even through the first one yet. Keep in mind this is a good 10 weeks ago now haha. GO BUY SOME YOU WON'T BE SORRY <3
Peace out homies, lots of love xox Helen

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